Do you remember what was on your mind before you went to sleep last night? If so, what was foremost on your mind?  I remember what was on my mind last night but when I woke up this morning I tried to remember exactly what I was thinking and could not.  Why?  Because my morning discoveries started me on a new path.  So what did I discover?  First, I realized I woke up.  Yes, I woke up and that in and of itself made me grateful.  Secondly, I could feel the warmth of our home as I listened to the furnace purring away.  I was mindful of so many who did not wake up in a warm place. Thirdly, I discovered whatever was tugging at my spirit before I went to bed last night is still there however, I am not as overwhelmed by it because my body is more refreshed and I had a good nights sleep.  Fourth, I could taste the sweet nectar of the morning’s silence which fueled my spirit in new and amazing ways. I am not prepared to face whatever the day has for me.

      Morning discoveries are good for you and for me especially if we give ourselves a few moments to get centered before we do anything else.  I will approach whatever is on my calendar today with a new sense of purpose because what I was pondering before I went to sleep had become toxic. Now that I am awake and refreshed and truly thankful, I can begin my day with a different narrative.  Morning discoveries is an exercise we should practice as a way of preparing ourselves for what lies ahead.  Surely, we cannot always know what lies ahead but we can ground ourselves in preparation for that which lies ahead of us.  One of my friends sent me an email apologizing for something toxic he had said which he chalked up to not having had his morning coffee.  While this is true for my friend I happen to know that was not the only reason. He has a disciplined routine each morning which includes reading from Scripture, saying his prayers and then he begins his physical workout.  Whenever this routine is interrupted for whatever reasons he knows his day is freighted with poor outcomes.
     As you prepare for your activities today stop for a few minutes to read this entry.  More importantly, prepare yourself by giving thanks that you have lived to see another day.  Simply say “thank you for waking me up this morning. . .thank you for every breath I take. . .thank you for the quiet moment I am about to take. . .thank you for my new discoveries this morning. . .thank you for the voices I will hear this morning. . .thank you for the sound of silence I am about to take. ..thank you for the first person who greets me with a warm greeting.  Morning discoveries are God’s gifts to the human spirit and for that I am eternally grateful.  And so it is.
Dr. Paul