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We are currently updating Rev. Dr. Paul Smith’s blog. Please check back later for content. ┬áPeace!


2 thoughts on “updating the blog”

  1. I am so moved by Dr. Paul’s commentary. I am struck by HIS constancy, from the days when he had a church in St. Louis and worked together with ministers in Ferguson to the present time when the on-going ugliness in Ferguson has come to stand for everything that remains to be done racially in this country. An important part of Dr. Paul’s life’s work has been taking the time to think, to write and to speak about these events from which many want to turn away. He enjoins us to continue to care, even when it hurts to care. Dr. Paul reminds me that I cannot hide from the pain of these reminders of how racially divided this country still is. But instead of turning away, I can just let the pain be and commit to being a healer today in whatever the day brings.

  2. Can I access what Dr. Paul said to his grandsons about how to interact with the police if they ever had to? I believe he put his thoughts about that here. I have friends and family who would like to have guidance about that.

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